Remnant Inventory

Our craftsman are skilled and talented experts, but no matter how efficient they are we always have remnant materials left over after a project.  However, we have turned this into an opportunity for you. We are able to offer remnant granite to you at a discounted rate.


Bel Air Beige Quartz92" x 33"3cmProduction Shop
Rococco 32" x 65" 33" x 60 36" x 55"3cmEast Bay Garage
Concrete Gray Quartz62" x 41"3cmProduction Shop
Frapacino52" x 42"2cmProduction Shop
White Persia Granite40" x 87" 61" x 67"3cmProduction Shop
Paloma White Quartz25" x 60" 3cmProduction Shop
New Venetian Gold Granite54" x 44"3cmProduction Shop
Black Uba Tuba Leathered Granite96" x 36"3cmProduction Shop
Black Uba Tuba Leathered Granite77" x 36"3cmProduction Shop
Black Pearl Honed Granite95" x 47"3cmProduction Shop
Black Pearl Leathered Granite82" x 50"3cmProduction Shop
Verde Fusion/Artic Pearl Granite44" x 26"3cmProduction Shop
Silver Gray Honed Granite72" x 23"3cmProduction Shop
Giallo Fantasia Granite60" x 43"3cmProduction Shop
Coarse Carara Quartz62" x 26" or 47" x 31"3cmProduction Shop
Santa Cecelia Light Granite47" x 34"3cmProduction Shop
Picasso Quartz75" x 31"3cmProduction Shop
Luna Pearl Granite83" x 30"3cmProduction Shop
Black Mist91" x 32"3cmProduction Shop
Antique Gold Granite43" x 38"3cmProduction Shop
Black Pearl Honed Granite41" x 37"3cmProduction Shop
Verde Fusion/Artic Pearl Granite41" x 37"3cmProduction Shop
Everest64" x 46"3cmProduction Shop
Sea Wave Granite56" x 47"3cmProduction Shop
Verde Butterfly Granite116" x 73" Full Slab3cm 3370 inside
Uba Tuba Granite116" x 76" Full Slab3cm3370 inside
Emerald Pearl Granite121" x 47"3cm3370 inside
Zodiaq Caraway Quartz120" x 63" Full Slab3cm3370 inside
Zodiaq Antique Pearl Quartz83" x 63"3cm3370 inside
Palisades Quartz124" x 35"3cm3370 inside
Palisades Quartz124" x 62"3cm3370 inside
Ouro Brazil Leather Granite 3/4 of a slab3cm3370 inside
Black Canyon Quartz100" x 46"3cm3370 inside
Zodiac Black Galaxy Quartz94" x 64"3cm3370 inside
Zodiac Corriander Quartz58" x 32" or 62" x 35"3cm3370 inside
Starlight Quartz120" x 62" Full Slab3cm3370 inside
Capri Quartz124" x 62"3cm3370 inside
Giallo Ornamental Granite51" x 46" or 69" x 67" or 118" x 46"3cm3370 inside
Colonial White Granite125" x 41"3cm3370 inside
Astoria Granite109" x 51"3cm3370 inside
Crema Bordeaux Granite110" x 58"3cm3370 inside
Andino White Granite120" x 52"3cm3370 inside

*Call (616) 530-9728 to verify availability

Sample Remnant Styles

Below are some of the common types of granite and quartz that we carry.

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